2011-03-28 16:37:02 by JadenPrinceton

I don't even know man.
No one knows.

Might spend my days on here again. Just watching flashes by LazyMuffin cuz he's a pretty cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything...'cept maybe the army. lol.

Gonna be posting some art. I don't really care about comments/scores.
I'm practically leaving myself unable to use my hands because I attempt to draw soooo, things are gonna look crud either way.

Uh, but thanks for any comments and votes...whatever.

PS: I'm not going to delete my 'Bad People' "flash" only because I'm lazy and because it reminds me of how much I've changed. (Bad People was originally a "deep" personal thing. I might work on it again some day, maybe not~)


2010-11-07 09:57:46 by JadenPrinceton

Eeek, I haven't been on in about 3 months?
Well, I'm back baby!....more or less.
I've been really busy lately because of end-term work in School. Bleh.
Maybe next term won't be so stressful.

First of all I REALLY want to think a newgrounds user named CloudEater for scouting me for the Art Portal. It means a lot and I'm SO glad :') I know my stuff isn't the BEST but it will be, I just know it.
Now if only my RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) on my hands would cooperate with me...
And it took me so long to accept GAHHH..

That and I noticed my flash's rating went down by a lot, haha. I don't mind though, it was really lame and hopefully I can work on it sometime again and make something better. I dunno.
We'll see what happens~

For now, I'm gonna draw, upload, explore and more around NG. Maybe even work on getting some medals teehee.

That's all for now,



2010-05-29 14:12:17 by JadenPrinceton

Yay, my first news post.

I'm planning on uploading something other than art soon.
Possibly something Killer7 related. Not sure /yet/

It's almost the end of the school year. The summer is going to be fantastic~

I've been favoriting a couple flashes, rating and even leaving some reviews. I don't usually do it but I'm try to at LEAST vote a bit. As of now I only have three favorite flash artists (Skaijo, Nightwayfarer and Egoraptor)

If anyone sees this and maybe knows a pretty funny flash artist, let me know! I love watching flashes (any games are ok too!)

That's it for now~


PS: (Nov 7th 2010) I KNOW this is an old post but I do want to point out that I'm not new to NG.
...I just couldn't find my old account. Even if I do, I won't be going back to it.